Pediatric general surgeons at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital are leaders in their field and treat a variety of childhood diseases. We understand the high expectations of parents who entrust us with the care of their child during an uneasy time when surgery is needed. We respond with superior care in everything leading up to your child's procedure all the way through their recovery.

Whether it's simple or complex surgery, children from all over the nation and world come to Comer Children's for expert surgical care. General surgeons are available for consult on site at the hospital in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, as well as at offices in Evanston and in Naperville.

Pediatric general surgeons focus on correction of abnormalities in the chest and abdomen. Surgeons also treat trauma emergencies and collaborate with other pediatric medical and surgical specialists. Our surgeons know it takes a special touch for successful surgery on young people because children react differently to surgery than adults. Here, every member of the pediatric general surgery team is specially trained in surgery for children of all ages and focused on providing the best individualized care for our young patients.

Our pediatric general surgeons treat a wide range of conditions, including:

A child's small anatomy poses different challenges than surgery for adults, so a different approach is needed. Our surgeons are distinguished because of their skill at performing minimally invasive surgery. This method is the hallmark of our pediatric general surgery program because it greatly benefits young patients by causing less disruption to the body.

As part of one of the country's most acclaimed academic medical centers, pediatric surgeons at Comer Children's have received international recognition for their research and mastery of new surgical techniques that have improved surgical outcomes. Our surgeons monitor the latest medical findings in order to bring better care to your child.

They were the first to introduce several minimally invasive surgical techniques to the Chicago area and to other surgeons throughout the country. Their groundbreaking work is featured in local and national media, and published in peer-reviewed medical and surgical journals.

Our pediatric general surgeons' extensive, demanding medical training and experience qualifies them to treat a variety of pediatric cases -- from surgery performed on tiny babies to surgery on an adult-sized teen.

Parents and caretakers are an integral part of every child's care. Pediatric surgeons work with families to address each child's physical and emotional issues, and draw on the expertise of other nationally recognized pediatric specialists on staff who are also part of the Comer Children's rich tradition of exemplary care for kids.

At Comer Children's Hospital, our surgeons work with pediatricians and other specialists who know your child well to make the best treatment decisions — including whether surgery is the best option.

Often, pediatric surgeons enter the picture following referral from one of a child’s other physicians. Pediatric general surgeons assess your child’s condition before surgery, perform surgery and then monitor them after surgery for healing, pain management and other issues that may arise.

Pediatric surgeons at Comer Children’s treat all young people — big and small.

Neonatal Surgery

Performed on newborns, many of whom are ill or premature infants. Some procedures are performed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and are done to correct congenital malformations or to treat conditions related to abnormal gestational growth or low birth weight. On a routine basis, our surgeons use the latest minimally invasive surgery to successfully treat congenital anomalies in even the tiniest babies.

Surgery for Children & Teenagers

Performed on patients in the toddler stage up to adulthood. Surgeons performing procedures on these age groups understand children’s sensitivity to their body image, scarring and how surgery will impact their developing bodies. For patients in this age range, good preparation and explanation about the surgery can help make all the difference in your child’s experience at the hospital.

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Meet Our Pediatric General Surgeons

Under the expert clinical leadership of Grace Mak, MD, our team provides the highest level of pediatric surgical care for children of all ages.

Pediatric General Surgery APNs

  • Christine Baker, APRN
  • Joyce Eapen, APRN
  • Lily Yuen, APRN
  • Miyeita Magee, APRN 
  • Julie Farrell, APRN
  • LaTonya Vaughn, APRN
  • Johnny Contreras, PA-C
  • Stephanie Bachmann, PA-C
  • Tracy Norman, APRN

Chicagoland Children's Health Alliance

A collaboration among the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital, Advocate Children’s Hospital and Pediatrics at NorthShore University HealthSystem

The three organizations are committed to seamless, multidisciplinary care for children and their families.