Remote access to your email, the intranet, and other University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) applications remains subject to the applicable UCM policies, including, without limitation, Email and Voicemail Use and Privacy (Admin 06-11) and Security over Access Permission to UCM Data, Computing and Communications Resources (Admin 06-16).

UCM Email — Microsoft Outlook Web App

Intranet & UCM Applications — Citrix Webapps
Login with your UCHAD workstation login and password. You will be prompted to download a small piece of software the first time you access the intranet and UCM applications remotely.

UCM VPN — Cisco AnyConnect VPN
Access to the UCM VPN should only be conducted with a UCM managed device adhering to the organization’s cyber security policies. If you are not using a UCM managed device, please login to Intranet & UCM Applications. Once you are finished working, please disconnect from the VPN immediately to allow other users to connect.

Remote connectivity (Webapps/VPN) over the Internet can be unreliable at times and always very difficult to troubleshoot. There are many Internet, networking, router, and wireless options available to consumers these days, therefore it is not possible for UCM-IT to support home networks. However, we can provide some best practices to improve your UCM Webapps/VPN experience.

  1. Upgrade your Internet speeds to at least 100 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi on your PC/laptop and connect to your home router via an Ethernet cable.
  3. Turn off streaming services for all devices on your home network when connected to UCM Webapps/VPN such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, music streaming, online gaming, etc.
  4. If still having problems, try to reboot all components of your home network (i.e. router, modem, switch, wireless, etc).

Questions? Contact the UCM IT Help Desk at 773-702-3456.

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