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UChicago Medicine offers the full range of orthopaedic care for bones, muscles and joints. Our surgeons, sports medicine specialists, physical therapists and nurses work together to prevent, treat and rehabilitate orthopaedic injuries and illnesses. 

Our orthopaedic center offers:

  • The region’s premier orthopaedic oncology program treating tumors and cancer, with a distinguished history dating back over 50 years

  • The team physician for the Chinese men’s and women’s national volleyball teams

  • The regional leader in minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery and one of the few centers using robotic technology in spinal cases

  • One of the nation’s leading centers, and the only Midwest training center, for robotic hip and knee replacement surgery

What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Find relief for your joint pain at UChicago Medicine. Your joints are involved in almost every activity you do. When you suffer from hip or knee pain, everyday activities can feel unbearable. Knee and hip pain can be caused by many conditions. At UChicago Medicine, we can help relieve your pain.

You may find relief using nonsurgical treatment options. If these do not provide relief, your doctor might recommend a partial or total joint replacement. In joint-replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty, your surgeon replaces damaged bone and cartilage with an implant that will allow you to move your joint without pain.

At UChicago Medicine, we perform a high volume of joint-replacement surgeries every year. Higher surgery volumes are associated with better outcomes and lower rates of complications. Our orthopedic surgeons are at the forefront of joint-replacement surgery, including using robotic-arm-assisted technology. This technology helps to customize surgery to your unique needs.

Let's take a closer look at a total knee replacement. First, a CT scan of the knee generates a virtual 3D model of your unique joint. Your surgeon uploads this model into software to create your surgical plan. Your surgeon has the flexibility to modify this plan at any time based on your needs.

Your surgeon guides the robotic arm to remove the damaged bone and cartilage from the knee, keeping your healthy bone and cartilage in place. With the diseased bone gone, your surgeon inserts a knee implant into the joint space.

Robotic-assisted technology is just one example of how UChicago Medicine uses less-invasive surgery to help you recover faster. Our orthopedic program includes less-invasive surgery, specialized anesthetic techniques, and rapid-recovery physical therapy. Many of our patients are up and walking with more mobility and less pain within a day of surgery.

Ready to relieve your joint pain? UChicago Medicine is here to help.

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