Tailored Treatments to Deliver Personalized Prevention Care

Tamar Polonsky and patient

Recognizing your risks for heart disease is the first and most important step to a healthier lifestyle. From there, our team can personalize a plan that will slow the progression of existing disease or reduce your chances of developing heart disease moving forward. We offer comprehensive treatment options that combine therapies from cardiology, endocrinology, sleep medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychology and more that are customized to your specific need and goal. Your plan could include:


When needed, we recommend medications to control high blood pressure, lower cholesterol or improve the pumping ability of the heart.

We also manage statin side effects/intolerance for patients who cannot use statin medications to treat high cholesterol, which includes providing alternatives therapies for high cholesterol.


We have skilled nutritionists available to work with any patients who could reduce their heart risk by creating healthy eating plans for long-term success.

Stress management program

Psychiatrists and psychologists regularly help patients identify and manage stress that may aggravate heart problems.

Cross-Specialty Clinics

We offer access to cross-specialty clinics dedicated to managing prevention for comorbidities that can lead to heart disease:

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program that offers training, education and stress reduction counseling for patients with previous heart condition

Learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation.

Lipid Clinic works with our patients to actively manage their cholesterol long term. Our doctors are world renowned for their research into cholesterol and the genetics of lipid disorders. Because we know high cholesterol problems can run in families, we know that lipid care is very specialized

Learn more about our lipid clinic.

Sleep Apnea Clinic understands the link between sleep and a healthy heart and provides critical care to those patients. This clinic will offer our patients both surgical and nonsurgical options for treating sleep apnea depending on what is best for their specific condition(s)

Learn more about our sleep apnea clinic.

Comprehensive Hypertension Clinic specializes in the treatment of high blood pressure, including difficult-to-manage hypertension and is determined to actively manage hypertension using individualized care through inpatient and outpatient consultations for those with hypertension in addition to other complex health conditions

Learn more about our comprehensive hypertension clinic.

Kovler Diabetes Center is a highly renowned center specializing in managing blood sugar and understanding what impacts your blood sugar, addressing the challenges of diabetes from high blood pressure and vascular problems

Learn more about our diabetes center.

Weight Management and Weight Loss Clinic offers a full spectrum of weight loss services, including medical weight loss and bariatric surgery, for obesity treatment, and recommends treatments based on many variables, including lifestyle, behavior, family history, other medical conditions and more

Learn more about our weight management and weight loss services.

Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic has a team of experts that identify patients who are likely to have inherited heart disease and helps treat the heart condition early to avoid serious issues

Learn more about our cardiovascular genetics clinic.

Pregnancy Blood Pressure and Preeclampsia Clinic treats patients who develop blood pressure/preeclampsia while pregnant to keep you and your baby healthy throughout the pregnancy by working with cardiologists to manage hypertension, and it is particularly important that you meet with a cardiologist to evaluate your heart regardless of how long ago your preeclampsia may have occurred

Learn more about our preeclampsia clinic.

Smoking Cessation Clinic helps patients, both in person and through vertical visits, in quitting smoking successfully using skilled psychologist and proven behavioral modification techniques

Learn more about our smoking cessation clinic.

Cardiometabolic Clinic focuses on patients that are overweight or obese and have diabetes or pre-diabetes, to help control and reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke

Women’s Heart Disease Program works with women to understand/identify heart disease as well as explain the risk factors, symptoms and common heart conditions women face

Learn more about our heart disease program for women.

Heart-Brain Clinic has a team of cardiology and neurology experts who collaborate on specialized care for patient who have heart conditions that increase their risk of stroke

Learn more about our heart-brain clinic.

Cardio-Oncology Clinic treats patient who have cancer therapy-related heart issues and offers therapies that will manage cardiovascular side effects and/or prevent further heart damage during cancer treatment

Learn more about our cardio-oncology clinic.

Clinical Trials for Heart Disease Prevention

Along with our multidisciplinary approach to care, our physicians and researchers are actively involved in ongoing research to further understand that impact heart disease. We are committed to innovating and advancing care through clinical trials that offer our patients new treatments. Our physicians and researchers are working closely together to transform basic research into bedside care for our patients through clinical trials that provide novel therapies before they are widely available.

Medication That Reduces Cardiovascular Events Could Improve  in Older Patients

Dr. Tamara Polonsky’s trial focuses on using medication, specifically statins – a type of cholesterol-lowering drug – designed to help older patients (75 and older) maintain their health by preventing fatal cardiovascular events, and evaluating how this medication could also improve cognition overtime. We already know that statins are life-saving for patients who have had a heart attack or stroke, and through this trial, our researchers will not only will be monitoring heart events, but will also test our patients' memory, thinking and physical abilities. The work being done in this trial will help us understand whether statins can prolong health in older adults, and will help clarify which older adults might benefit the most from taking statins.

New Interventional Therapy for Resistant Hypertension 

Dr. Sandeep Nathan is leading a team that is doing clinical trials using renal denervation to treat resistant hypertension. UChicago Medicine is among a small group of national medical centers offers a potentially groundbreaking new interventional therapy for the treatment of resistant hypertension. Renal denervation (RDN) is a catheter-based, nonsurgical approach where radiofrequency energy is delivered to the lining of the arteries of the kidneys (renal arteries) in order to heat up (ablate) the nerves that travel within the walls of the renal arteries that are responsible for the excessive blood pressure response. To date, over a dozen trials have documented the safety of this procedure and this current investigation seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of RDN in a larger and more diverse patient population.

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