Sickness is relentless. So are we.

[MUSIC - "SURVIVOR"] (SINGING) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

Oh, Oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Aah

I'm a survivor.

Oh, oh.

I'm not going to give up. Oh,


I'm not going to stop.

Oh, oh.

I'm going to work harder. I'm a survivor. I'm going to make it. I will survive.

Get up.

Keep on surviving.

The University of Chicago Medicine has launched a brand marketing campaign to highlight its role at the forefront. The campaign reinforces the academic health system’s commitment to advancing healthcare and its relentless quest to finding answers to the most challenging medical problems and health issues faced by patients and residents of the South Side community.

The campaign, which launched in late September 2020, features UChicago Medicine physicians, nurses, researchers, technologists and other care team members who represent the diversity of our services and expertise.

The theme — “Sickness is relentless. So are we.” — captures the emotions that patients and families feel when confronted with a life-threatening battle against cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s disease and other illnesses. It portrays the unwavering dedication of UChicago Medicine’s clinical care and research teams to helping patients overcome life’s most daunting health challenges.

The campaign involves TV commercials, print advertisements and billboards, as well as digital marketing on social media platforms. Rather than using narration, the commercials feature a soundtrack recorded with the South Side’s Chicago Mass Choir performing “Survivor,” a song written by Beyoncé during her time with Destiny’s Child.

World-renowned photographer Sandro Miller directed the commercials and created the campaign’s striking portraits of UChicago Medicine physicians. Miller, a cancer survivor treated at UChicago Medicine eight years ago, also provided creative direction for the health system’s last brand marketing campaign in 2018.

Chelsea Dorsey, MD, wearing surgical scrubs staring into the camera against a black background.

Sickness is relentless. So are we.

We are a leading community of physicians, researchers and game changers. We embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities to make a difference in your life.

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