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World-Class Food Allergy Care

The UChicago Food Allergy Care, Education and Translational Research (FACET) Center is home to one of the only adult food allergy centers in the country. We combine innovative clinical care and state-of-the-art research to offer the most advanced food allergy treatment methods possible for people of all ages.


Food allergies and intolerances may develop later in life, and food allergies in adults are often overlooked when compared to children.

Our food allergy specialists have the advanced knowledge and experience needed to treat and manage whatever type of allergy you may have, whether it is an adult-onset case or is a continuing allergy from childhood.

Thanks to support from our clinical care and research programs, our expert care team is able to:

  • Apply state-of-the-art diagnostics
  • Discover novel diagnostics
  • Implement innovative therapies
  • Trial experimental therapies

Why Choose UChicago Medicine for Adult Food Allergy?

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Food Allergy Expert Q&A

32 million Americans suffer from food allergies. These can range from mild annoyances to dangerous conditions. Learn more about UChicago's innovate Food Allergy Care, Education, and Translational Research Center or FACET.

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