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Comer Children's physicians named to Chicago magazine's 2024 Top Docs list

The Chicago magazine's 2024 Top Docs list includes Comer Children's physicians.

Intestinal ultrasound is a game-changer for kids with inflammatory bowel disease

Dr. Amelia Kellar, Director of the Pediatric Intestinal Ultrasound Program at Comer Children’s, is one of a few pediatric gastroenterologists in the country using intestinal ultrasound for noninvasive monitoring in children with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

Treating kids with Marfan syndrome

Jameson Justen was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome as an infant. Thanks to unique, multidisciplinary care at the Chicago Marfan and Related Connective Tissue Disorder Program, Jameson is happy and thriving.

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