Erin Jamen-Esposito

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- Hi, my name is Dr. Erin Jamen-Esposito, I'm a pediatrician here with the University of Chicago Medical Group. I've been in practice since about 2009.

I decided to go into pediatrics because I was exposed to my mom a lot with kids, because she's a teacher in Chicago. And so it was a great experience for me to be able to watch her interact with her students and have these great relationships. And my mom really wanted me to be a teacher growing up, so I think she's probably one of the only parents out there who was disappointed that I went a different route and became a doctor instead.

The one thing I'd like to make sure I do in my clinic is to make sure everybody is involved. You can't make changes with anybody, whether it be the child or the parent, without involving both of them. It's a joint effort. And so making sure that the family is always on board and that everyone understands what the plan is and everybody's ready for the plan is very important in my practice.

I think over the last couple of years, I've definitely seen a shift in my practice since becoming a mom myself. I always had the skill set, just from all of my training that I've had over the last couple of years. But since becoming a mom, I truly understand the extra layers of stress that parents have, and how we want the best for our kids, and how we truly sometimes struggle to find out what we need to do to provide that care for them.

And now that I have my own family and my own kids, I really want to make sure that my parents enjoy their time with their children and that I can provide them the care to help them function better as moms as well, because that's a whole thing that tends to get missed. Moms don't usually go to the doctor and talk to their own doctors about how they struggle it through motherhood. And it is a struggle some days, and I really want my patients' moms to understand that it's not just them, and they're not alone on that.


Erin Jamen-Esposito, MD, is a board-certified physician who specializes in general pediatrics, providing comprehensive care to children of all ages. Dr. Jamen-Esposito focuses her practice on lifestyle medicine, which allows her to create a personalized treatment plan for each child that is based on education, behaviors and individual health goals to deliver better overall outcomes. Dr. Jamen-Esposito treats and prevents a wide range of pediatric conditions, including childhood obesity and chronic diseases, diabetes and more. She also devotes additional time focusing on newborn care and lactation/breastfeeding to ensure new babies are healthy and happy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Lifestyle Medicine

Board Certifications

  • Pediatrics

Practicing Since

  • 2009

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Medical Education

  • Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


  • Advocate Hope Children's Hospital

  • Aetna HMO (specialists only)
  • Aetna POS
  • Aetna PPO
  • BCBS Blue Precision HMO (specialists only)
  • BCBS HMO (HMOI) (specialists only)
  • Cigna HMO
  • Cigna POS
  • Cigna PPO
  • CountyCare *see insurance page
  • Aetna Better Health *see insurance page
  • Medicare
  • Multiplan PPO
  • United Choice Plus POS/PPO
  • United Options (PPO)
  • United Select (HMO & EPO) (specialists only)
  • United W500 Emergent Wrap
  • Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO & PPO
  • BCBS Medicare Advantage HMO & PPO
  • Humana Medicare Advantage Choice PPO
  • Humana Medicare Advantage Gold Choice PFFS
  • Humana Medicare Advantage Gold Plus HMO
  • United Choice HMO (specialists only)
  • University of Chicago Health Plan (UCHP)

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