Extracellular RNA Markers of Liver Disease and Cancer

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Extracellular RNA Markers of Liver Disease and Cancer

The study will examine and evaluate the use of extracellular RNA in blood as markers for the diagnosis of liver disease or cancer, and as markers for prediction of response to treatment or recurrence of cancer after surgery

The goal is to identify an extracellular RNA candidate for the detection and diagnosis of liver cancers such as hepatocellular cancer or biliary cancer, and chronic liver diseases. The use of selected exRNA biomarkers for diagnosis of hepatocellular cancer (HCC) or biliary tract cancers in patients with cirrhosis will be evaluated in a prospective case-control study. The study will create a registry of patients who have chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, liver and biliary tract cancers. A risk factor questionnaire will be administered to facilitate identification of risk factors for development of liver cancer. Patient information will be obtained from the medical record, and include demographics, medical history, liver disease, smoking and alcohol history, etiology, family history, and clinical laboratory data.


Age Group
18 Years and up

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Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion Criteria:

         - Lab results from within the previous 90 days.

         - Diagnosis of HCC or biliary tract cancer

         - Diagnosis of cirrhosis based on histology, imaging, or ultrasound.

         - Diagnosis of a chronic liver disease without cirrhosis.

        Exclusion Criteria for the HCC/biliary tract cancer group:

         - Prior solid organ transplant.

         - Previous cancer history with the last 5 years (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer), participation in a treatment trial for HCC

        Exclusion criteria for the cirrhosis and chronic liver disease groups:

         - Prior solid organ transplant.

         - Previous or current cancer history within the past 5 years (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).

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National Government IDNCT02908048


Lead SponsorMayo Clinic

Lead PhysicianAnjana A Pillai


18 Years and up