Developing an Imaging-Based Tool to Identify Areas for Prostate Cancer Biopsy

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MRI Derived Quantitative Risk Maps for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Using Targeted Biopsy

The purpose of the proposed research is to test and validate a Risk Map decision-support system (DSS) for prostate cancer Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) interpretation and identification of clinically significant tumor site(s).


Age Group
18 Years and up

Accepting Healthy Volunteers?

Inclusion Criteria:

         - Patients with known or suspected prostate cancer who have been referred to the Department of Radiology at the University of Chicago Medical Center for a diagnostic MRI exam of the prostate, to be followed by an MRI-guided fusion biopsy of the prostate.

         - Written informed consent.

        Exclusion Criteria:

         - Patients incapable of giving informed written consent;

         - Patients who cannot adhere to the experimental protocols for any reason, or have an inability to communicate with the researcher;

         - Patients with psychiatric disorders that affect their ability to consent for themselves will be excluded and not the entire population of patients with psychiatric disorders.

         - Prisoners;

         - Minor children (under the age of 18 years old).

At a Glance

National Government IDNCT03585660


Lead SponsorUniversity of Chicago

Lead PhysicianAytekin Oto


18 Years and up