Midwife Cynthia Jacinthe consulting with pregnant patient in birthing tub

Family Birth Center Virtual Tour

The Family Birth Center Virtual Tour  offers a convenient preview of our state-of-the-art suites in Hyde Park, including:

  • Private triage, delivery, antepartum and recovery suites
  • Two large, private natural birthing suites, both with built-in warm water immersion (hydrotherapy) tubs
  • Operating rooms to support an optimized cesarean (C-section) birth experience, when necessary

Learn more about our how our team supports a comforting and nurturing environment from triage through childbirth and recovery.

If you prefer, we also offer live in-person and virtual tour options led by a prenatal nurse instructor.

Virtual Family Birth Center Tour Q&A Session

Join other expecting parents to ask questions or talk about the Family Birth Center experience.

Please register for a virtual Family Birth Center tour Q&A session

This one-hour question and answer session is hosted by a prenatal nurse instructor.