Men's Wellness Clinic

UChicago Medicine River East building

Helping Men Reach Their Health Goals

At the Men’s Wellness Clinic, our specialists are committed to helping you live your best life possible. We understand the unique health challenges of men of all ages and strive to offer convenient, personalized care that exceeds your expectations.

Specialized Care That Fits Your Lifestyle

We know it can be difficult focusing on your health when you have other competing priorities. That’s why we designed the Men’s Wellness Clinic to be truly patient-centered so that you have access to the experts you need, all in the same location.

Whether you need help with improving your sex life, reducing your heart risks, losing weight or managing a chronic illness, we are committed to providing the best experience possible.

We routinely help men with low testosterone choose the safest, most effective treatment options based on their goals and preferences. Our specialists also work closely with UChicago Medicine’s Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility team to provide the best treatment plan for patients with male factor infertility.

In addition, we offer compassionate support for cancer survivors as well as solutions that improve their quality of life.

Whether you identify as male, transgender or non-binary, you can expect a respectful experience with us. Our team is committed to providing LGBTQ+ care and supporting every patient’s individuality, dignity, health and wellness with the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Convenient Care in a Comfortable Setting

At our easy-to-access locations, you can be seen by a wide range of specialties. You’ll find University of Chicago Medicine experts in urology, preventive cardiology, endocrinology, primary care and mental and behavioral health. We can also connect you with a dietitian, physical therapist and certified sex therapist.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care that fits your busy and demanding lifestyle. We respect your time and will make every effort to coordinate your appointments so you can meet with multiple specialists on the same day, if possible.

We also offer virtual appointments so you can see your providers when and where it is most convenient for you.

Request an Appointment

The information you provide will enable us to assist you as efficiently as possible. A representative will contact you within one to two business days to help you schedule an appointment.

To speak to someone directly, please call 1-888-824-0200. If you have symptoms of an urgent nature, please call your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately.

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