Patients and families can become overwhelmed with diabetes management, putting them at risk for depression, anxiety and other challenges. Fortunately, such challenges can be prevented or managed with routine behavioral health and wellness services.

The Kovler Diabetes Center offers individuals and families the support they need to help them manage not only their diabetes, but also the challenges to family life and emotional health that often accompany chronic illness.

Our certified diabetes care and education specialists work to ensure each, and every patient has the resources they need. We also encourage patients to explore the various resources available online to help them throughout their journey with diabetes.

Diabetes Resources

Videos for visual learners to better understand diabetes care

Interactive websites to provide you with more information about diabetes: 

  • American Diabetes Association provides lots of good information on medication management, fitness, nutrition, and the diabetes community. 
  • Diabetes Meal Guide walks through what to look at when meal planning for diabetes (label reading, serving size, CHO counting). 

If you have any questions regarding setting up your diabetes device (like glucose monitors and pumps), your doctor should be able to help direct you to helpful instructions or tools. You should also be able to contact the company that made your pump or continuous glucose monitor directly for any needed resources.

The library is designed to provide our patients with any additional resources they need beyond the clinic. Although designed with Kovler Diabetes Center patients in mind, the library is open to all University of Chicago Medicine patients. Physicians and staff are also welcomed.


  • Extensive collection of booklets, heath guides and cookbooks on a wide variety of topics including carb counting, foot care, and diabetes-friendly vegetarian cooking
  • A selection of diabetes books and activities for kids
  • Constructive activities to engage patients both before and after appointments
  • Opportunity to obtain valuable information for research and improvement measures

Diabetes Resources for Teens

Illinois: Fill out this medical report form prior to getting a license

Indiana: You do not need to fill out anything unless you have a history of hypoglycemia. The license application for first-time and renewal asks about this.

Diabetes Care at UChicago Medicine

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Diabetes Care