Communication with friends and loved ones outside the hospital is an essential part of any child's recovery. Learn about how to communicate with a child staying at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital.

By Phone

To call your child's room from outside Comer Children's, dial 773-702-1000, then tell the operator your child's name or room number as well as your child's assigned access code. You may choose to bypass the operator by calling the direct phone number posted in your child's room.

Using Hospital Telephones

Comer Children's and its surrounding Hyde Park neighborhood are in the 773 area code. The area code in downtown Chicago is 312.

Internal Calls

Dial the last five digits of the phone number (ie: 2 - XXXX, 3 - XXXX, 4 - XXXX, or 5 - XXXX).

Local Chicago Area Calls

To make calls to 773, 312, 630, 708 and 847 area codes from your child's room: Dial 9, then 1, then the area code and seven-digit telephone number. (9+1+XXX+XXX-XXXX).

Long Distance Calls

You may pay for a long distance phone call by charging the long distance call to your calling card, making a collect call, or using a debit phone card. Press 9 first in order to complete your call.

Pre-Paid Phone Cards

Follow the instructions printed on the phone card. Phone cards may be purchased in the gift shop of Bernard Mitchell Hospital.

By Mail

When a child is staying in the hospital, they often look forward to receiving mail from friends and loved ones.

Besides the child's full name on the mail, other information on the address should include:

The University of Chicago Medicine
Comer Children's Hospital
Child's Full Name
5721 S. Maryland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637-1470

Mail received after your child is discharged will be forwarded to his or her home.