Why Choose UChicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital 

The University of Chicago Medicine has provided comprehensive, innovative medical care to children since opening its first pediatric facility in 1930. Today, UChicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital, a 172-bed acute care hospital that opened in 2005, continues to unite advanced technology with a family-centered, kid-friendly philosophy to provide advanced specialty care for all children.

Physicians at Comer Children's see children with medical conditions ranging from common to the most complex. And our renowned pediatricians are setting national standards of care. Comer Children’s annually admits about 5,000 patients from the Chicago area, the Midwest and around the world. Each year, Comer Children's outpatient clinics accommodate nearly 37,000 general pediatric and specialty visits. More than half of these visits are to one of Comer Children’s many locations outside of Hyde Park. Additionally, more than 30,000 visits are made to the pediatric emergency room each year.

Just going through that process of listening to the parents, hearing their story, listening to the children, figuring out what's best for them, giving them the diagnosis, and then offering them that therapy that can really change their lives and put them back on the pathway to being a healthy child. That's amazing for me. And that's all I can ask for. I can't get dismayed about how sick the kids are when they initially come in. My thoughts are already on how I can help make them better. And when I finally do see them better, that's my benefit that's what makes me stay 10, 12 hours a day and I can take that home. And I can share that success story with my own family, and even my own kids are happy that this is what mommy is doing and these are the kids that I'm helping.

Our Services

Comer Children's is staffed by about 170 pediatricians, as well as specially trained nurses and caring support staff. Our team of health care professionals works together to provide general and specialty medical care for newborns to young adults.

As a center of medical training, the pediatricians of tomorrow — medical students, residents and fellows — play an important role in caring for children.

At Comer Children's and its outpatient locations, children and teens receive advanced therapies in virtually all clinical areas.

State-of-the-Art Critical Care

Comer Children's is a Level I pediatric trauma center that provides care for children with severe injuries due to emergency trauma. The University of Chicago's Aeromedical Network, or UCAN, transports many of these children to Comer Children’s. UCAN operates specially equipped medical helicopters staffed by a dedicated team of trained flight nurses, flight physicians, EMS pilots and communication specialists.

Comer Children’s provides care for critically ill and injured children in our technologically advanced Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This 30-bed facility is fully equipped to treat children with:

  • Complex medical problems
  • Conditions requiring major surgery, including cardiac, transplant, and neurosurgery
  • Multiple traumas

In addition, the designated tertiary care (Level III) beds in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the convalescent (Level II) beds in our Transitional Care Unit provide premature and critically ill infants with the most advanced medical care and life support systems.

Comer Children's has a strong commitment to our community and sponsors a number of programs and services that extend outside our walls: